Furniture office

El Escritorio Ergonómico

Ergonomics in an office workspace deals with catering to each individual and their specific job role. When considering the furniture design process, the workstation must be specially designed, taking into account the employee and the expected tasks they will perform so that they can be carried out with optimum comfort and efficiency. The peripherals must be within the work area, allowing effortless access to everything without excessive stretching of the arms nor unnecessary rotating. To ensure comfortable access to all accessories and desk material, it is recommended to make use of adjustable and modular desks that adapt to the space and necessities of each individual. The upper edge of the monitor must be at eye level.
Furniture office
A complete and ergonomic work station.
An enjoyable job role begins with choosing suitable, adapted and appropriate desk furniture. Using a contemporary style, the Mtsis desk cleverly combines glass, aluminium, and refined lines.
furniture-office-in aluminium and glass
Evolution Mtsis desks
This modern desk, combined with a bridge table and side table, creates an exceptionally convenient space in which the monitor can remain elevated at eye level, either situated on the bridge table or side table. This allows for yet more distance regulation by the user. Office desks are available in glass and aluminium.

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